Google Maps 
Alla som någon gång googlat på Google Maps eller någon annan karta och fått mer än en träff får upp markering med bokstäver för de olika träffarna, och ibland kan de ligga så nära varandra att man inte vet vilken som är vilken. Men nu vet vi att man kan vara säker på när man hittat rätt om man ger sig ut för att leta upp platsen i fråga…

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Kelly Groucutt dies following a heart attac, age 63 
Kelly Groucutt died on the afternoon of 19th February 2009 following a heart attack. Kelly who? Kelly was one of the pillar stone members of British pop/rock group Electric Light Orchestra during their peak in the 70's and 80's. He joined ELO on their 5th album "Face The Music" in 1975 and stayed on playing on "A New World Record" (1976), "Out Of The Blue" (1977), "Discovery" (1979), "Time" (1981) and "Secret Messages" (1983). Kelly's most notable contribution apart from playing Bass guitar was his voice, he had an excellent falsetto, as heard in "Rockaria!". He also sang lead in concert to the joy of the audiance.

I only found out this news today. ELO was and still is one of my big favorite rock bands. When I was a teenager I didn't care much for pop or rock but listen more often to classical music. I have a good friend who one day back in -77 said "I want you to listen to this one song, it's really good". "Nah", I said, "don't like pop music". But he insisted, so I said ok, and then he played "Mr Blue Sky" with ELO and I was sold. All the time since that moment it has been ELO for me and I never heard any better band with a possible exception for Pink Floyd.

During the years in ELO Kelly also released his one and only solo album with his own songs, played by most of the ELO band members. After leaving ELO Kelly continue play and perform music being member of different bands, some of those with connection to ELO, until his unexpected passing.

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Making Sense Of World Plug And Sockets Around The Globe 
Need the proper power adaptor for English power plugs, ending up purchasing one of those all-in-one plug pack solutions? For those of you that might be taking off on your own European vacation, or anywhere else around the globe for that matter, here's a chart for those of us who travel with a bit of tech luggage everywhere we go...

Further details about which plugs and electrical systems in use in most countries of the world, we highly recommend taking a look at this indepth table listing voltage, frequency and plug: "The voltages listed here are the “nominal” figures reported to be in use at most residential or commercial sites in the country or area named. Most electrical power systems are prone to slight variations in voltage due to demand or other factors. Many former 220 V countries have converted or are in the process of converting to the EU standard of 230 V. Generally, this difference is inconsequential, as most appliances are built to tolerate current a certain percentage above or below the rated voltage. However, severe variations in current can damage electrical equipment.

The electric power frequency is shown in the number of hertz (cycles per second). Even if voltages are similar, a 60-hertz clock or tape recorder may not function properly on 50 hertz current. All systems described here use alternating current (AC). The plug types listed indicate all types known to be in use in that country. Not all areas of a country may use all types of plugs listed for that country, since there may be regional differences based on the power system in a certain area.

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Peter Gabriel and José Antonio Abreu awarded the Polar Prize 2009 
Peter Gabriel slog igenom som sångare i det brittiska bandet Genesis som var delaktiga i att förnya rockmusiken under 70-talet. Efter att Gabriel lämnat bandet 1975 gick han vidare med en framgångsrik solokarriär. Albumen "So" och "Us" blev stora framgångar. Han skrev dessutom animerad musikvideohistoria med hitten "Sledgehammer" och "Big Time" 1986.

På senare tid har Peter Gabriel, som hunnit fylla 59 år, varit delaktig i att sprida så kallad världsmusik till väst, inte minst genom sitt skivbolag Real World. Han har även varit drivande i den heta samtidsfrågan om digital musikdistribution och vid sidan om musiken har han engagerat sig i mänskliga rättigheter och välgörenhetsprojekt.

José Antonio Abreu från Venezuela, utbildad pianist och kompositör, får priset för sitt revolutionerande hjälpprojekt El Sistema som lär fattiga barn att spela klassisk musik. Det grundades 1975 och redan 1979 fick han National Music Prize i Venezuela för projektet. 1995 utsågs Abreu till Special Ambassador for the "Development of a Global Network of Youth and Children Orchestras and Choirs" av Unesco. Sedan flera år tillbaka har El Sistema lagt grunden för världsstjärnor på den klassiska scenen. Inom ramarna för projektet sker ett kontinuerligt utbyte med andra latinamerikanska länder, Spanien och USA.

Priserna och utmärkelserna har fullkomligt haglat över Abreu genom åren. Under 2008 fick han inte mindre än 8 olika priser, och tidigare i år tilldelades han Crystal Award of the World Economic Forum och TED-priset.

Peter Gabriel made his breakthrou as singer in British rock band Genesis who where introducing new views onto rock music during the 70's. After leaving Genesis in 1975 Peter went on launching a successful solo career. Records like "So" and "Us" were big success stories as was also his revolutionary animated music videos, such as the hit single "Sledgehammer" and "Big Time" in 1986.

Peter, being 59 years old now, has in recent years spread the so called "World music" to western countries using his record company "Real World". He has also been heavily involved with digital music rights and copy protection issues. Aside from music Peter has a deep engagement in human rights and charity projects.

José Antonio Abreu from Venezuela, educated pianist and composer, is rewarded for his revolutionary help project El Sistema which is teaching poor children classical music. Founded in 1975 El Sistema was an instant success and already in 1979 he was awarded with "National Music Prize" in Venezuela. In 1995 Abreu was elected Special Ambassador for the "Development of a Global Network of Youth and Children Orchestras and Choirs" by Unesco. Within the project there is a constant exchange with other Latin America countries, Spain and USA.

Abreau has recieved numerous prizes and awards for El Sistema over the years. Only in 2008 he got 8 awards and earlier this year he was awarded the Crystal Award of the World Economic Forum and the TED prize.

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Obama Stand-Up-in-Chief 
Ending up his first 100 days, President Obama held a Stand-Up-in-Chief speech at White House Correspondents' Association Dinner the other day. It's quite funny and not the kind of speech you expect from any President, so hit the arrows below and enjoy.

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Update on William 
William is 11 days old now and he's just fine. He doesn't cry much at all which is nice but some nights he doesn't wanna sleep. Guess it goes with the age... Anyway, both Katharina and Joakim are very happy with the new addition to the family.

William är 11 dagar gammal nu och mår bara bra. Han skriker knappast någonting och det är ju skönt, men vissa nätter vill han inte sova utan bara vara vaken och dricka mjölk. Antar att det går över med tiden... Hur som helst är både Katharina och Joakim glada över den nya familjemedlemmen.

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Denon's New Turntable And My Big Vinyl Project 
Beginning of this year, I took on My Big Vinyl Project. The goal is to convert all the vinly LPs I have into CD format to save space at home. I won't save every single record, but most of them. Counting some 850 LPs it's a wast task. So far I finished about 100 records, so keeping that speed it's a 3 year project going on.

For this purpost I bought myself a new record player last Christmas, one of those with an USB connector you can plug directly into your computer. It works great and after removing pop, clicks and noise the result is magnificent. But I wish I have had bought this Denon record player instead.

Denon's new DP-200USB turntable is a hybrid vinyl ripper and player, with an USB port to plug in your USB-stick into! The conveniently placed USB port on the front makes it a breeze to digitally transfer over my favorite vinyls to MP3 format with a simple click of a button.

Full description on the encoding tech below:

The included PC software features Audio Waveform Recognition, which checks the first 15 seconds of each track and searches the extensive Gracenote Internet music tracks database to capture the track’s meta-deta (artist, title, etc.). The software also features Auto Track Divide, which notes silent breaks between tracks and automatically inserts a new track tag for each track (you also have the option of doing this manually). The front panel USB port allows connection to a USB flash drive or an external hard disk drive. In addition to the USB connection, the DP-200USB features conventional stereo outputs, which can be configured with or without RIAA equalization, for full compatibility with the widest range of audio components.

You can grab the Denon DP-200USB fully automatic record player with MP3 encoder for EUR190. Bundled software that takes care of organizing the ripped tracks only works with Windows XP and Vista, unfortunately, Mac users will need to hound Denon for some extra support love.

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Mao And The Chinese Cell Phone Revolution 
Did you ever imagine cell phones would be so important? Thanks to its proximity to Japan and Taiwan, China is getting the most advanced phones before North America. Will China rule the world?

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Lund Wins Bid To Host New Particle Accelerator 
The university town of Lund in southern Sweden is set to become the site of a new particle accelerator, Max IV, Lund University announced on Monday.

The university is now also hopeful of landing the larger European ESS project. The university reported that negotiations for the new proposed accelerator have been concluded and that a contract is set to be signed with Region Skåne, The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) and Vinnova to secure the future of the Max IV project.

The Max IV facility is planned to be the next generation Swedish synchrotron radiation facility. It will replace the existing laboratory consisting of the MAX I, II and III storage rings and the new accelerator's design also includes an option for a free electron laser as a second development stage of the facility.

Etableringen av MAX IV innebär att Lund blir ett världsledande centrum för forskning om material, energi och bioteknik. MAX-lab är ett nationellt laboratorium och forskningen som bedrivs där är baserad på synkrotronljusstrålning (röntgenstålning).

Denna strålning produceras av elektroner som färdas i nära ljusets hastighet genom magnetfält i en lagringsring. Med hjälp av strålningen kan egenskaper hos olika material utforskas.

Tre lagringsringar finns redan i på plats i Lund och nu ska den alltså den fjärde - MAX IV - byggas. Att ytterligare en ring behövs beror på den förbättrade nanotekniken. I takt med att den utvecklas måste även de metoder man använder sig av för att undersöka material förbättras.

MAX IV kommer att bli 100 gånger mer effektiv än alla andra synkrotronljusanläggningar i hela världen. Partiklar som är några miljarddels meter stora (10-9 m) kommer att kunna ses i genomskärning. Man kommer exempelvis att kunna göra kemiskt analyserade bilder av mycket små föremål som en bakterie eller få en bild av proteinstrukturen i ett virus.

Forskningsanläggningen kommer att bli världens bästa anläggning för att undersöka partiklar på nanonivå med synkrotronljus.

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This is me :) 
My name is William, nice to meet you :)

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