Ares I-X Flight Test Ready To Launch 
Wow, this is my third post today. Anyway, tomorrow on October 27 is a milestone to US space exploration and space program. For the first time in almost 30 years NASA will launch a new-developed rocket, the Ares I-X. This vehicle will be used in future space programs together with Ares V and Orion to replace the Space shuttle and make future missions to the moon possible.

The Ares I will be a two-stage rocket but this test launch will run the first stage only and the second stage is not yet qualified for test launch. Instead there will be a lot of instruments to collect data with a mock up of the remaining rocket to have the actual configuration in place. The first will burn for aprox 2 minutes and the fall down to the Atlantic Ocean where it will be recovered.

The liftoff took place on Oct 28, 11.24am EDT (4.24pm GMT+1).

Latest Ares I-X Launch News

The Launch

Ares I-X Post Launch Press Conference (1h 2min)

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