Forbidden Planet 
After we moved house we got a new cable-tv provider, which meant we lost some channels and got some other new ones. One of the new channels is TCM, Turner Classic Movies, and tonight they showed a real classic and one of my favorite movies - Forbidden planet.

The movie is about a future where an expedition is going to Altair-4 to look for a 20 year old lost expedition to the planet. They find two people there and an entity of unknown kind...

But what amazes me about this 1956 made movie is the special effects. Absolutely stunning halls, machines, laser and 3-D effects. Being a computer guy in the computer age I'm can't image how they did all that.

There is actually a fourth character in the move - Robby, the robot. Probaby the most expensive extravaganza in any movie until modern age, say 1990 or later. This stunning piece was no trick with light, scissors or camera shots, but the real thing. After the movie was finished Robby ended up in some basement for almost 20 years until showing up for a second time in a Columbo episode in the early 70's. I don't know if it still exists, maybe a remake of I, Robot or something similar can give him a third chance to display himself.


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