Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine 
Take a look at the Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine - it's so cool! Single serving coffee and espresso capsule machines are very convenient, perfect for home and office environments. And you cannot argue the Nespresso CitiZ is certainly one of the best looking coffee machines, single serving or otherwise, out there.

Features of the Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine include:

* Ultra-slim profile perfect for compact spaces.
* 19-bar high-pressure pump for quick, consistent extraction.
* No-mess Nespresso capsule system for perfect flavor every time.
* Cup stand folds to accommodate various mugs and glasses.
* A wide range of coffee varieties to choose from.
* Chrome accents.
* Large and easy-to-hold removable 34-ounce water reservoir.
* Easy capsule insertion and ejection.
* Simple push-button interface, programmable for custom espresso and lungo.
* Automatic power-save mode reduces energy consumption.

If I find one of those in the shop I'll buy it!

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Back to work - again 
At the end the inevitable happened - summer is over and I have to get back to the office. But the summer was greate, June and August I was off and when I worked in July everybody else was off so nothing to do. Now reallity is back and this autumn will have some questionmarks as we will be outsourced later. I do hope that thing goes all well.

Så hände då det oundvikliga - mina ledigheter tog slut och jag måste tillbaka till arbetet. Men jag hade en fin sommar, ledig i juni och augusti och när jag jobbade i juli var alla andra lediga. Nu kommer hösten med nya erfarenheter, en blir att vi blir utsourcade någonstans och jag hoppas allt kommer att gå bra med det.

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Hitlers reaktion på "Reclaim Rosengård" 

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Friction from Your Mouse Can Keep Coffee Hot 
This is so cool! Tao Ma designed this mouse-and-mousepad setup that's crafted just to keep a drink or small plate of food hot. When you move your mouse along the mousepad, both specially designed to include induction coils, friction between them creates electromagnetic induction that gets transferred to the hot plate. For the guy out there who spends all day online, hates cold coffee (like me) and has to have a dedicated permanent spot for everything on his desk — well, that guy is having the best day ever, now!

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Vem är snabbast, Peter Karlsson eller Usin Bolt? 
Igår satte Usin Bolt nytt världsrekord på 100 meter med 9,58 vid VM i Berlin. 9,58 är nästan ofattbart när man betänker att allt under 10 sek är fantastiskt redan det. Och det är alltid färgade löpare som springer snabbt, inte vita, då de har en annan muskelsammansättning. Färgade har mycket mer av snabba och flexibla muskler medans vita har mer av starka och tröga muskler. Så vitt jag vet är det än idag endast en (1) vit någonsin som sprungit 100 meter under 10 sekunder - Peter Karlsson.

I början på 1990-talet hade Sverige ett par starka 100 meterslöpare av vilka Peter var den bäste. De tränade staffett tillsammans och var så bra att de sprang OS-finalen i Atlanta 1996. Peters prestation inträffade den 8 feb 2008 när han sprang på 9,98, tyvärr dock med för mycket medvind så något officiellt rekord blev det inte. Men i historieböckerna är han ändå snabbast i Sverige med sina godkända 10,18, också från 1996.

Nedan ett klipp från 9,98-loppet då det begav sig.

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Parental leave 
This August I have parental leave in order to help out with William a little bit more. Also Katharina will start pre-school later this month and it will require some assistance from the parents. Since we have had wonderful weather we spent the first week travelling around Stockholm. It was a little bit tirering being out all days with the kids but they loved it and we got to see some parts of Stockholm mostly tourists visit. We were at the Drottningholm Castle, Björkö island and Birka, the Wasa muséeum and at Skansen.

Drottningholm Castle

Typical Steamship

Katharina and Joakim in the ship

The Ansgars Cross at Birka

Björkö island

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1 Year On The Air 
Idag är det 1 år sedan jag startade min blog. Jag vill passa på att kort tacka alla som besökt bloggen, satt betyg och kommenterat. Det känns som att jag haft en hyggligt genomslagskraft och det är ju kul :) Så fortsätt gärna att besöka och kommentera. Tack igen.

I just wanna make a breif post as it's one year today since I started up my blog. I like to say Thank You to everybody who visited, rated and commented on my blog. I hope you'll come back also in the next few years to make this a place to be :)

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Welcome, August 
Sorry for being slow with updates, but it's summer after all ;) I'm on parental leave in August and right on time the best weather you can image arrives. I spent the last days out with the family in different places. Yesterday we went to the Wasa Muséeum and Skansen and today we visited the Butterfly House. We also have some guest from France this week and they're surprised the weather could be so hot in cold Sweden (?!).

Anyway, I'll share a fresh photo of 8 kg William and hope to be back sooner next time with next post :)

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Social Networking Watch 
Check email. Watch some YouTube. Update Twitter status. Make some Facebook friends. AIM your crush. This watch is for those who are highly networked and proud of it.

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Grandpa goes 96 
Grandpa - that is my grandpa, not the kids' - went 96 the other day. Apart from hearing badly he's very fit. It was only a few weeks ago he moved in at the home for the eldery. I hope he will stay on to at least 100, that would be cool!

Min morfar fylle 96 för några dagar sedan. Han hör lite dåligt men annars är han pigg som en nötkärna. Ända till för bara några veckor sedan bodde han fortfarande hemma i sin 2:a men nu har han flyttat in på ett ålderdomshem. Han trivs bra där och det är ju skönt.

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