HP Flexible Display - Cheap and Unbreakable Screen Technology 
In science-fiction and in the movies, display screens are always impressive. Whether it's the giant plasma screen or the holographic projections, things are always visually appealing in fiction. What about in reality? What is the future of display technology? Most probably, something like the prototype handheld flexible displays that HP rolled out a few days ago.

This prototype from HP uses SAIL technology (self-aligned imprint lithography), a process by which a thin film of transistors is sandwiched with an E Ink film. This creates an unbreakable multipurpose plastic display. E Ink is the type of display technology that powers e-book readers like the Amazon Kindle and more recently, the Esquire E Ink cover page.

HP rolled out this prototype with the ASU Flexible Display Center. It's supposed to be unbreakable and uses a low-cost process that's like printing on a sheet of plastic. Apparently these screens use 90% less materials and are still cheap to make. This technology will most likely result in cheap, sharp and colorful flexible displays for future technology. This technology is still very young, but the market for such screens could grow to US$2.8 billion by 2013.

The applications for these types of displays are endless. They can become display screens of cell phones, laptops, computers and other devices. What's really cool is that they could roll up, which is something that is really useful. Large screens could be easily deployed.

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Katharina becomes 5 years old 
Time goes fast when you have fun, and Katharina is having fun since 5 years now. She is the big girl now, not only by age but also by size. I measured her the other day and she's now 115 cm tall, that's normally the size of a 7 years old... and next summer she's off to pre-school. Joakim is also a big boy compared to his size of 96 cm, being 2,5 years old, but he still have to wait a while before going to pre-school as well.

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Sick x 2 
I was sick for a couple of days and unable to blog at least every other day... Got some temperature and headache and don't know what, not very fun anyway. And when I was finally ok Joakim took by where I finished. Today he was without any temperature again so he will be able to go back to kindergarten and I to work. Don't get sick out there, it's no fun this time of the year... :(

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Styrofoam Hero 
Ever wondered what to do with all the foam you get when you buy new computer (and similar) stuff? Try this...

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Äntligen snö 
Så kom då snön till slut till ungarnas stora glädje. De var ute en stund i eftermiddags och röjde runt i den 0-gradiga kylan men tyvärr blåste det så mycket att det var inget skönt alls. Dessutom vill man ju inte att de ska bli förkylda eller få lunginflammation eller något annat så var inne igen efter en halvtimme. Men de får säkert leka mer i snön imorgon på lekis...

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Tomb Raider 8 - Underworld released today! 
Today the 8th installment of Lara Croft games series Tomb Raider is released. I'm a big Lara fan since back to Tomb Raider II in -97. I played all the games up to Tomb Raider 5 but after that I have had less time to play due to work and family. I have my own screen shot section here but because of the above there are no more updates allthough I wish I could update all games.

Tomb Raider 3 was the one I liked the best, and it has a great Lara rendering. From Tomb Raider 4 she was changed and I didn't like it at all and lost some interest. The first Tomb Raider game is also a great quality game, and the vilian was the best up to date. It's just a pity the graphics back then was not as good as you would like it to be, Lara has breast that could puncture a balloon... The VCI level of Tomb Raider 5 was extremely hard but at the same time probably the level I enjoyed the best.

This new game looks great. Great graphics, interesting story, good-looking Lara rendering (reminds me of TR3) and I have an interest in start playing again. I hope my system is up the hardware requirements of the game once I bought it.

If you like to watch the release trailer, click here.

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Testa om du kan bli svensk – på nätet 
Nu kan du testa om du kan bli svensk medborgare – med ett enkelt webbtest. Att söka om svenskt medborgarskap kostar pengar – 1 500 ­kronor per ansökan, men med det här testet kan man kontrollera om man uppfyller kraven och inte söker i onödan. Webbtestet är i fem steg där man bland annat får fylla i vilket land man kommer från, hur länge man varit i Sverige och om man har permanent uppehållstillstånd. Man ska också uppfylla ett ”skötsamhetskrav”. Klicka på "Related link" nedan för att göra testet!

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Mac Transitioning Made Easy via USB Dongle 
Upgrading can be a real pain in the butt at times. However, upgrading to an entirely new platform could leave you pulling hairs for hours. That's probably why Belkin stepped in and attempted to streamline the process as much as possible with their Switch-to-Mac Cable, allowing you to easily and automatically copy over your important documents, browsing preferences, and music without ever having to hassle that "tech" friend of yours every 5 minutes.

Unlike existing products where you have to drag and drop specific files you want to transfer, the Switch-to-Mac Cable-with its easy-to-use Migration Assistant-automatically moves your music, movies, photos, files, and Internet preferences, making the transition from PC to Mac as seamless as possible.

Basically, it looks just like you're paying more for the automated software included in the Belkin bundle rather than the cable itself; there are similar cables that do pretty much the same thing for about half the price, but having it all done for you (and leaving less room for human error) could be just the thing you'll need to make that Mac jump as easy as possible.

Expect the Belkin Switch-to-Mac Cable to be available sometime next month for US$50.

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Unika bilder av okända planeter 
För första gången har forskare lyckats fotografera en hel grupp planeter i ett annat solsystem. Planeterna är mycket stora men har ändå likheter med himlakropparna i vårt eget solsystem. Det är med hjälp av två stora teleskop på Hawaii som forskarna gjort sin upptäckt. På en och samma bild kan tre planeter ses kretsa runt stjärnan HR 8799 som befinner sig på ett avstånd av 128 ljusår från jorden.

HR 8799 återfinns i stjärnbilden Pegasus och kan ses med blotta ögat om rätt förhållanden råder. Den är, en mycket ung stjärna "i sina bästa år" och skiner betydligt starkare än solen. De tre planeterna har en massa 5 till 13 gånger större än massan hos Jupiter, den största planeten i vårt eget solsystem. De bildades sannolikt för bara 60 miljoner år sedan, vilket innebär att de är nyfödda i jämförelse med exempelvis jorden som är drygt fyra miljarder år gammal. På grund av sin ungdom glöder de fortfarande av hettan som finns kvar efter deras födelse.

På många sätt skiljer de sig alltså markant från planeterna som kretsar runt solen. Men intressant nog har de en likartad placering, med den minsta av dem närmast HR 8799 och den största längst bort – precis som här hemma där dvärgarna Merkurius, Venus, Jorden och Mars är nära solen medan jättarna Jupiter, Saturnus, Uranus och Neptunus ligger i bana mycket längre bort. Spännande, spännande...

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Real Life Photoshop GUI 
Maybe you spend half the day in Photoshop? Why not try the real life version of the Photoshop GUI for an Adobe CS4 advertisement, as seen on DesignYouTrust.com

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