Suggestion For A Tombstone 
It's hopefully still far away, but when that day comes, I think I write something like this...

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Happy Birthday 
Today I had my birthday and just on time we got our new bookcase delivered to us. We ordered it last Christmas but it takes time to get stuff like this manufactured and delivered. From now on and for the rest of this year we need to save, save and save money. This one and the glass cabinet we bought earlier this year has emptied my wallet. And on top of that my wife had our balcony covered with glass so it became like an extra room. But I'm very happy with everything :)

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Hur står det still med ditt IQ? 
Jag är väl inget geni precis men jag gillar att göra IQ-liknande tester, så när jag ramlade in på Mensas hemsida var det svårt att hålla fingrarna i styr. Mensa är en förening för genier, man ska ha åtminstone 131 i IQ för att ha en chans att komma med. Endast 2% av befolkningen lär ha det... Jag tog deras snabbtest och fick 119 i IQ vilket jag är jättenöjd med, då 126 är det högsta man kan få i detta provtest. Slå det den som kan!

Gör ditt IQ test här

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Unix-Lovers, Rejoice It's 1234567890 Day! 
Today, Friday February 13th, will see lots of non-computer nerd types hiding in their houses and staying away from ladders, mirrors, black cats and other superstitious lore surrounding Friday the 13th. But those geeks? well they're going to be out celebrating 1234567890 day. At exactly 3:31:30pm in Pacific Time today, 0:31:30 on Saturday the 14th CET, the Unix time (a popular "clock" used in computer systems that simply counts the seconds elapsed since January 1, 1970) will read 1234567890—and there are hometown parties being held all around the world...

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Thrown Off The Net... :( 
I was thrown off the net by my ISP this week since they thought I didn't pay - which I did, and my other domain was online all the time...

Anyway, here is a quick update about Joakim who likes to wear the same cloths as his sister from time to time. Sort of cute I think :)

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1950s Ericofon Is Back! 
While we know many of you have ditched your landlines for cellphones and VoIP, those of you who still have phone jacks may be interested in the reintroduction of the Ericofon -- now called the Scandiphone.

The Ericofon was introduced in Sweden in the mid 1950s. The unique upright talker was smaller and lighter than anything seen before, infact it was the worlds first all-in-one phone. To achive this the bell has to be taken out and attached to the wall(!) In 1973 it was selected to be part of the New York Museum of Modern Art's Collection.

Up until now it looks like the Scandiphone was only available in the U.K, but this year Keena brings it to US as well. I think I should try to lay my hands on one of these...

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The Incredible Camera Lens Calendar 
I want this one. It's a camera lens with a calendar. No it's not, it's actually the other way around. But it's so cool! This is going to be the perfect gift for anyone who loves photography. I love this low-tech solution to the calendar quandary, since it's nice to have one on your desk, why not have a really distinctive one. And there's nothing more distinctive than a calendar looking like a camera lens!

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Nytt vitrisskåp 
Vi har köpt oss ett nytt vitrinskåp. Det var nog det enda jag såg av alla jag kollade på som hade 3 sektioner men det passar precis in där det står mellan badrummet och köket så det blir perfekt. Vi har vår fina servis som vi fick i bröllopspresent och som vi fortfarande samlar på som ska stå där och en hel del annat som står trångt i köket eller i förrådet. Det är kul att få nya saker ibland :)

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Touch-table Ordering  
Located on Wardour street in Soho, London, Inamo is oriental fusion with a technological twist. You order your food by touching the illustrated menu that is projected onto the surface of your table. You can even order a cab when you are done dinner. Something I would love to try out.

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Windows 7 Beta Up For Grabs 
The next Microsoft OS Windows 7 is now available for the public as a beta release. This next OS looks VERY promissing at this point, as compared to Vista which is really crappy. I can tell that first hand from my time at HP.

Among some new features and other enhancements the most obvious improvments are speed and stability. If you can manage a 2,4 GB download and got some spare hardware, go grab it now!

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