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Teresa Teng Forever

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Have a listen to Teresa's hit "When Will You Come Back Again?":

A lovely flower does not open ofter
A lovely view does not exist everywhere
Worries furrow a laughing brow
Missing you brings tears to my eyes
After you leave this night
When will you come back again

Or try "More Than Words Can Say":

Don't know why
But I'm surrounded by worry and fear
Every day I pray
That the loneliness of love
Will soon be chased away.

Another one of her tunes was the film title song "Small Town Story":

There are many stories in a small town
Full of joy and happiness
Life is truly beautiful
Everything is already here.

These tunes were among Teresa's most popular. All of them are ballads crooned in a simple style, thus fitting right into the popular music mold described by Chang Chi-kao. They are smooth and pleasant, and don't put any stress on the listener.

As for her voice, it was well described in an article by University of Southern California cultural theory PhD Yeh Yueh-yu: "It was the sweetness in her voice that made her famous. She had a perfect voice for folk songs and ballads, and she added traditional folk song stylings into Western-style compositions. Her songs basically follow in the tradition of popular Shanghai music of the 1930s and 1940s. Her sound was similar to that of Chou Hsuan in her later years."

Li Wen-yuan, the host of the "Piano in the Dark" radio program, believes that Teresa Teng was very wise, for she really understood herself. She could always display just the right demeanor for any performance, which is something few others can accomplish.

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